What is Prophet TB Joshua’s phone number

You can call any of the following numbers for prayer from T.B.
Joshua’s Ministry, The SCOAN.

+234 (0) 8087492279

+234 (0) 8087492226

+234 (0) 8087492221

+234 (0) 7031265599

+234 (0) 7031307311

+234 (0) 8072546496

+234 (0) 8088096917

+234 (0) 8033730663

+234 (0) 7038616677

+234 (0) 7031265046

+234 (0) 8076767359

+234 (0) 8034147340

+234 (0) 1-8985507

+234 (0) 8033730650

+234 (0) 1 8194415

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Faye and olly


In Parenting and Children

Faye and Olly


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The only way one can get the anointing water is by coming down toScoan here in Nigeria to receive it or on the other hand find atrust worthy person here in Lagos that can get

…it for you and mailit to you. There are many fraudsters and scammers all over theinternet claiming to be TB Joshua, some also claim to be the wisemen while other claim to be Scoan officials demanding money fromindividuals to mail anointing water to them. Do not believe any ofthem they are all thieves, fraudster, scammers and impostors, onceyou send money to them they cut off conversations with you I knowof many that have lost huge sum of monies to these con men soBEWARE. (MORE)


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To have the anointing water one needs to buy a DVD cd of Prophet TBJoshua and you have the anointing water for free with stickers anda manual book. In all, all the four are pa

…ckaged together whichmake some people say the anointing water is for sale while otherstoo say it is free. What one need to know is that one cannot getthe anointing water without buying the DVD cd, the anointing watercomes with it. It is sold for 5000Naira which is as at now an equivalent of 31USD.You can only have it by going to Nigeria to purchase it or on theother hand find a trustworthy person in Nigeria that can purchaseit and mail it to you which is 100% possible. (MORE)


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