Malawi pro-govt news outlet names Prophet Bushiri its ‘Personality of the Year 2017’

A pro-government news site, Maravi Post, gave Bushiri the honour on Friday after recognising that runs the church which has over 300 000 registered members in South Africa alone and is followed by 1.7 million followers on Facebook and nearly 2.6 million TV viewers on his Prophetic Channel.

The publication says it honours “Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (also known as “Major One”) for his tireless, inspiring, comforting and support of people everywhere – locally and globally.”

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - Major 1 - Major 1 praying on his kneesProphet Shepherd Bushiri – Major 1 – Major 1 praying on his knees

It notes that Bushiri holds crusades, and economic and social gatherings in Malawi, South Africa, the USA, Venezuela and Australia. Recently he was the guest of the South Sudan government, where he signed a MoU that will create a mining investment partnership that will enhance the north eastern African country’s mining sector.

He has been to Malawi, even making donations to the hungry, prisoners and those in hospital.

But he does not just do that in Malawi. He has reached out to prisons in Nigeria, donated to the sick and underprivileged in South Africa, the relief food and paid needy students’ fees in Malawi—just everything.

“Bushiri activities demonstrate love and care for the people. It is not a wonder that some people are debating whether the Man of God can become a next leader for Malawi,” the news site says.

It quotes Nophi Phumisa, a Master of Arts in Political Science student at a university in Australia, saying Prophet Bushiri’s rise to global stardom is a story that “most Malawians of goodwill admire and those with ill intention greatly despise and burn with envy.”

Senior Editor Janet Karim agreed and said: “The first time I attended a fund raiser in early 2017 that the New York ECG satellite hosted with the Prophet in attendance, I was overwhelmed at grassroots raising of funds. We have this ability in Malawi, we just do not harness it well nor do we account for the use of the funds. Many churches have built houses of prayer, others have also enhanced resources by creating commercial enterprises. Accountability is at the core of these ventures.

“Prophet Bushiri ventures out, casting the net widely and the catch is overwhelming and inspiring. People should not critic him; they should emulate him.

“And his charitable ways make great sense of the multiplication of the two fish and five loaves of bread. That Great prophet did say that we would ‘do greater things than these.’ ” Karim said in quotes attributed to her.


The prophet is recognized for numerous achievements he has made that directly or indirectly impact the society including:

  • He runs the world’s fastest growing ministries, currently with over one million people, and, also, with established branches in all the world’s six continents; with 300,000 in South Africa.
  • His Prophetic Channel TV broadcasts to more than 40 million viewers across the world. The TV recently launched its French and Spanish broadcasts.
  • He is the only church leader in South Africa whose Sunday Services pulls more than 60,000 people.
  • He is the only Malawian, outside politics, who receives state protection in every country he travels.
  • With 2.2 million likes on his Facebook page, he is the only Malawian with the largest following on Facebook.
  • He is Malawi’s youngest and largest employer. His Shepherd Bushiri Investments (SBI) entities employ over 10,000 people, and 70 percent of them are Malawians.
  • Every year, he spends K2 billion on charitable activities in different countries, with Malawi enjoying the lion’s share at 60 percent.
  • He only eats organic food from Malawi.
  • He is the only African church leader to consistently fill up the FNB Stadium, Africa’s largest soccer stadium.
  • He is the only man in Africa driving a 2017 Rolls Royce Black Badge, which is worth K1.2 billion.
  • He is the only church leader from Malawi to be featured in the prestigious New African magazine and, again, the only Malawian to be named, by, as one of the 10 affluent and influential families in Africa.
  • He is the only Malawian added in the Dubai Top Ten of doing business well from Africa.
  • He is the only man of God who has met almost all Heads of States and governments in Africa — except Malawi’s Peter Mutharika.
  • He is the youngest man in the world owning four private jets, and 27 gold mines.
  • In his mid-thirties, he is Malawi’s most published author with 17 books on religion, finance; and entrepreneurship to his credit.



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