Prophet TB Joshua’s prophecy fulfilled as Malawi president dies

MALAWI president Professor Bingu wa Mutharika who suffered a cardiac arrest Thursday morning is reportedly dead. This is in fulfillment to Prophet TB Joshua’s prophect that an old african leader was going to die on the 6th of April. However there hasn’t been any official communication from the country’s government so far.

Former head of state Bakili Muluzi Friday morning held a press conference at his residence urging government to come out in the open about the president’s condition whilst calling for vice president Joyce Banda to assume leadership should Professor Mutharika be declared unfit to hold office.

Malawi Voice quoted Dr Muluzi urging Malawians to be patient as the country awaits official communication from government on the death rumour.

President Wa Mutharika was hospitalised at Kamuzu Central Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on Thursday and was later flown to South Africa for further treatment.

Doctors at the South African hospital say efforts to resuscitate President Mutharika failed and that an official announcement is being prepared. Reports from Malawi’s main city, Blantyre, say cabinet ministers met all night to discuss the situation.

According to the constitution, the Vice-President Joyce Banda takes over if the head of state is incapacitated or dies in office.

Dr Mutharika, a former World Bank economist was elected president in 2004 and unanimously re-elected in 2009.-Herald/zbc/Malawi voice


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Bushiri to sponsor chess in Malawi at K10m: Biggest ever tournament

Bushiri touts his love for Malawi in Facebook chat: Sending his kids home for studies

Bushiri’s annual Salvation Festival brings thousands to Pretoria, boosts tourism

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Bushiri in India for soul winning campaign

Bushiri sending back Malawians working for him in South Africa

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Bushiri in Uganda with prophetic crusade to win thousands to Christ

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Spiritual Gift of Prophecy | Spiritual Gifts Test

The spiritual gift of prophecy is an extraordinary and unique gift. Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” This gift is a blessing to the church and should not be quenched or despised (1 Thessalonians 5:20). Those who have the gift of prophecy differ from the Old Testament Prophets who spoke the authoritative Word of God directly. Their words were recorded as Scripture as they proclaimed, “Thus says The Lord,” whereas the messages from those with the spiritual gift of prophecy must be tested (1 Corinthians 14:29-33; 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21; 1 John 4:1-3). In the New Testament the Apostles, not the prophets, took over the role of Scriptural proclamation from the Old Testament Prophets.

The Greek word for the gift of prophecy is propheteia which is the ability to receive a divinely inspired message and deliver it to others in the church. These messages can take the form of exhortation, correction, disclosure of secret sins, prediction of future events, comfort, inspiration, or other revelations given to equip and edify the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 14:3-4, 24-25). Again, they do not constitute the authoritative Word of God, but are the human interpretation of the revelation that was received. They are spoken in human words through a human mind which is why they must be tested against the Scriptures (1 Thessalonians 5:20-21).

The Holy Spirit gives the gift of prophecy to some believers to make God’s heart known and to edify the church. This gift is for the benefit of both believers and unbelievers and is a sign that God is truly among His church (1 Corinthians 14:22-25). Those with this gift are sensitive to both the prompting of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the church body. They should be humble and continually study the Scriptures in order to test these revelations before speaking them. When they do speak, they should allow and even expect others to weigh what is said against the Scriptures and interpret the message accordingly. In this way the church may be continually built up together in unity (1 Corinthians 14:4, 26). See also Romans 12:6, 1 Corinthians 12:10, 14:1-5, Ephesians 4:11-12, 1 Peter 4:10-11.


God’s Messenger | Modern Prophet

Who is The Messenger?

In 1982, a series of profound revelations were received by Marshall Vian Summers in the deserts of the American Southwest. For over 36 years, this revelation has continued, growing ever wider in scope… Read More

Interview with Marshall Vian Summers

You claim to represent a New Message from God. How can you make such a claim?

“The New Message was given to me by the Angels of the Creator. It is a new revelation for humanity. I was instructed to make this claim.”
Read the full interview…

By what authority do you claim to present a new covenant, a new testament?

“I have been given this task and I, through Knowledge within me, have recognized it and accepted it. Yet the responsibility to bring the New Message into the world has been immense. It has been a great burden for me.”
Read the full interview…

Sayings of the Messenger

View All Sayings of the Messenger

These statements were recorded by those closest to the Messenger, across his life and in locations around the world.

Journeys of the Messenger

Messenger travels to Syria


The Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers, has traveled around the world to experience its various conditions, challenges, and to receive revelations.

Marshall’s travels have been documented by his son, Reed, and his wife, Patricia, in countries such as: Syria, Thailand, Costa Rica, and many more. See photos from his journeys….

The Story of the Messenger

Marshall Vian Summers has given the last 36 years of his life to receiving and quietly teaching the New Message from God. Marshall was ignited spiritually… Read More…

Revelations About the Messenger

Hear the original audio recordings of Revelations about the Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers.

Read more…

The Messenger’s Prayer

Marshall was ignited spiritually at an early age, especially through his experiences in nature. As a young man, his journeys through the wilderness of North America continued his mysterious education.
Read more…


What Does Scripture Teach About the Office of Prophet and Gift of Prophecy?

A prophet’s primary function in the Old Testament (OT) was to serve as God’s representative or ambassador by communicating God’s word to his people. True prophets never spoke on their own authority or shared their personal opinions, but rather delivered the message God himself gave them. Several texts make this explicit. God promised Moses, “Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say” (Exod. 4:12). God assured Moses, “I will raise up for [my people] a prophet like you . . . and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him” (Deut. 18:18). The Lord said to Jeremiah, “I have put my words in your mouth” (Jer 1:9). God commissioned Ezekiel by saying, “You must speak my words to them” (Ezek. 2:7). And many of the OT prophetic books begin with the words, “The word of the LORD that came to . . .” (Hos. 1:2; Joel 1:1; Micah 1:1; Zeph. 1:1; cf. Jonah 1:1). Amos claimed, “This is what the LORD says” (Amos 1:3).

Prophetic ministry was not restricted to men in the OT, however. Moses’s sister Miriam is called a “prophet” (Exod. 15:20), as are Deborah (Judg. 4:4) and Huldah (2 Kings 22:14–20). We occasionally read of groups or bands of prophets ministering in Israel (1 Sam. 10:5; 1 Kings 18:4), referred to as “the company of the prophets” (2 Kings 2:3, 5, 7; 4:38). The Bible doesn’t explain how the word of the Lord came to a prophet, although in addition to the audible and internal voice of God there are a number of instances in which the Lord revealed his will through visions (1 Sam. 3:1,15; 2 Sam. 7:17; Isa. 1:1; Ezek. 11:24) or dreams (Num. 12:6).

The divine inspiration and authority of the OT prophetic voice is nowhere more clearly affirmed than in 2 Peter 1:20–21: “No prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation of things. For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”

God’s Mouthpieces

Those who claimed to speak for God were held to a strict standard of judgment. Even should an alleged prophet perform a sign or wonder or accurately predict the future, if he says “Let us follow other gods . . . and let us worship them” (Deut. 13:2), he is to be rejected (Deut. 13:3). Likewise, if the word he speaks “does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken” (Deut. 18:22; see also Jer. 14:14; 23:21, 32; 28:15; Ezek. 13:6). The punishment for speaking falsely in God’s name was death (Deut. 18:20).

After Samuel anointed Saul and throughout the time of Israel’s monarchy, prophets largely advised the king, delivering words of warning, divine guidance, and encouragement. Nathan’s well-known rebuke of David for his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba and his complicity in the death of her husband is a case in point (2 Sam. 12).

In the eighth century BC the focus of the prophet’s message turned more to the people at large. It would be a mistake to think of prophets in the OT as only predicting the future. Their primary role was to make known the holiness of God and the covenant obligations; to denounce injustice, idolatry, and empty ritualism; and to call God’s covenant people, Israel, to repentance and faithfulness. In the period leading up to the exile and Judah’s deportation to Babylon in the sixth century BC, the prophets often delivered messages denouncing rampant social injustice and the oppression of the poor. In the postexilic period, the prophets turn their attention more specifically to the promise of national renewal and the spiritual blessings that come with trusting God and obeying his will.

Being a mouthpiece for the word of the Lord was often a dangerous calling. People frequently mocked, rejected, persecuted, and even killed God’s prophets (2 Chron. 36:16; Jer. 11:21; 18:18; 20:2, 7–10). Stephen, the first martyr of the new covenant, pointedly asked, “Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute?” (Acts 7:52).

New Testament Prophecy

Although it would go beyond the evidence to declare all prophecy ceased in the life of Israel around 400 BC only to reappear in conjunction with the incarnation of Christ, there can be no doubt that the voice of the Lord was rarely heard during what we call the “intertestamental” period. The most prominent prophetic voice in the New Testament (NT), aside from Jesus himself, was John the Baptist (Matt. 11:9; Luke 1:76). On the day of Pentecost, Peter declared that unlike the more limited exercise of prophecy during the time of the old covenant, God would henceforth pour out his Spirit “on all people” (Acts 2:17). Peter said the result would be a fulfillment of God words: “Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy” (Acts 2:17–18).

Prophetic ministry in the early church was widespread and diverse. A band of prophets traveled from Jerusalem to Antioch, and one of them, Agabus, “stood up and through the Spirit predicted that a severe famine would spread over the entire Roman world” (Acts 11:28). Prophets were active in the church at Antioch (Acts 13:1), Tyre (Acts 21:4), and Caesarea, where the four daughters of Philip prophesied (Acts 21:8–9). Prophecy, one of the gifts of the Spirit designed for edifying the body of Christ, was also utilized in the churches at Rome (Rom. 12:6), Corinth (1 Cor. 12:7–11; 14:1–40), Ephesus (Eph. 2:20; 4:11; see also Acts 19:1–7; 1 Tim. 1:18), and Thessalonica (1 Thess. 5:19–22).

The extent to which prophecy in the new covenant differs from its exercise under the old covenant is disputed. Many contend that prophecy under both covenants functioned in essentially the same way. Thus, the NT prophet received inspired words from God, and what he declared was as equal in authority as the words, say, of Isaiah or Amos. The words of the prophets thus served to lay the foundation of the church by articulating the theological truths and ethical principles binding on the universal body of Christ (Eph. 2:20). According to this view, to embrace contemporary prophecy may undermine the finality and sufficiency of Scripture; therefore, the gift of prophecy likely ceased with the death of the last apostle or the inspiration of the last canonical book.

Others insist that whereas in the old covenant a failure to speak with complete accuracy brought the alleged “prophet” into judgment (Deut. 13:2; 18:20–22), with the new covenant and the distribution of the Spirit among all God’s people, certain changes came into play. Although God is the inspirational source of all prophetic revelation, its communication by individual prophets is not in all cases protected from error or human admixture. Thus it must be judged or weighed to determine what is “good” and what is “evil” (1 Thess. 5:21–22). According to this view, the gift of prophecy is still potentially available to the church until the return of Christ and is no threat to the finality of the biblical canon.

Gift of Prophecy

In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul encourages everyone to pursue the gift of prophecy (v. 1). The primary purpose of prophetic ministry is to strengthen, encourage, and comfort believers (v. 3). In other words, “the one who prophesies edifies the church” (v. 4). Prophecy may also bring conviction of sin to unbelievers who happen to be visiting the gathering of God’s people, as “the secrets of their hearts are laid bare” (vv. 24–25).

Paul envisions prophetic utterances teaching others (1 Cor. 14:31) and even serving as the means by which certain spiritual gifts are identified and imparted (1 Tim. 4:14). Luke describes situations in which prophecy serves to provide divine direction for ministry (Acts 13:1–3) as well as to issue warnings to God’s people (Acts 21:4, 10–14).

In any particular church meeting, “two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said” (1 Cor. 14:29). The most likely interpretation of the controversial passage concerning the silence of women in 1 Corinthians 14:33b–35 is that women may prophesy (see Acts 2:17–18; 21:9; 1 Cor. 11:5) but may not publicly judge the prophetic words of men in the congregation. Prophets were always to be in control of their speech (1 Cor. 14:32) as an expression of God’s desire for peace (1 Cor. 14:33). And as important as this ministry is in the body of Christ, even those claiming to be prophets must be subject to the final authority of the apostles (1 Cor. 14:36–38).

Prophecy and the Church

Some have mistakenly equated NT prophecy with preaching, but Paul declares that all prophecy is based on a revelation (1 Cor. 14:30; cf. 1 Cor. 13:2). The NT’s use of the noun “revelation” or the verb “to reveal” actually reflects a wide range of meaning and need not be taken as referring to the sort of authoritative revelation that would undermine the finality of the canon. Rather, the apostle likely has in view the sort of divine disclosure or unveiling in which the Spirit makes known something previously hidden (e.g., Matt. 11:27; 16:17; 1 Cor. 2:10; Gal. 1:6; Eph. 1:17; Phil. 3:15). Thus, prophecy is not based on a hunch, supposition, inference, educated guess, or even sanctified wisdom. Prophecy is the human report of a divine revelation. This is what distinguishes prophecy from teaching. Teaching is always grounded in an inspired text of Scripture. Prophecy, on the other hand, is always based on a spontaneous revelation. Thus Paul clearly distinguishes between coming to the corporate meeting of the church with a “word of instruction” and coming with a “revelation” (1 Cor. 14:26).

As helpful as prophecy is to the church, Christians are not to gullibly embrace all who claim to speak on behalf of God. Rather, the church must “test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1). Here John is concerned with whether the “prophet” affirms the incarnation of God the Son in the person of Jesus Christ (1 John 4:2–3; 2 John 7–11). This may be, at least in part, what John has in mind when he writes that “it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.” (Rev. 19:10). In other words, all true prophecy bears witness to Jesus Christ. Prophetic revelation is not only rooted in the gospel of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; its ultimate aim or primary focus is also to bear witness to the person of the incarnate Christ. Prophecy, therefore, is fundamentally Christ-centered.


  • How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well by D. A. Carson
  • The Story of the Bible: How the Good News About Jesus Is Essential by Tim Keller
  • The Sin-Crushing King and Our Destined-to-Die Conqueror by Kevin DeYoung
  • Don Carson on the NIV Zondervan Study Bible by Ivan Mesa


Project MUSE – Obscuring and Revealing: Muslim Engagement with Volunteering and the Aid Sector in Tanzania

This article examines Muslim involvement, or lack of it, in AIDS services provision in Tanzania. It argues that Muslims find it harder than Christians to work with Western donors whose conceptions of civil society and volunteering do not accurately reflect the institutional practices of Muslims. Many Muslims also mistrust the role played by the state in brokering cooperation. Nevertheless, Muslims seek to engage with the volunteering discourse and have established some organizations that are visible to aid institutions. The complexity of this process reveals the political tensions and unstated agendas on the part of donors that are usually obscured by the notion of “volunteering.”

Cet article examine l’engagement des musulmans, ou l’absence d’engagement, dans les prestations de service pour la lutte contre le Sida en Tanzanie. Il fait valoir que les musulmans trouvent plus difficile que les chrétiens de travailler avec des donateurs occidentaux, dont les conceptions de la société civile et le bénévolat ne reflètent pas fidèlement les pratiques institutionnelles des musulmans. Beaucoup de musulmans se méfient également du rôle joué par l’État dans l’organisation de la coopération. Néanmoins, les musulmans cherchent à s’engager dans le discours du bénévolat et ont mis en place certaines organisations qui sont visibles pour les institutions d’aide humanitaire. La complexité de ce processus révèle les tensions politiques et les intentions des donateurs privés qui sont habituellement masquées par la notion de “volontariat.”


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Angelic and Demonic Teaching part 1-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

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Angelic and Demonic Teaching part 1-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri –
Published: 4 years ago By: Prophetic Channel TV

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Carole Bridgeman

Ursula Psaila


Trudy Kambeu

I don’t know why you keep watching moreover he didn’t pay you or plead that you believe.. so just keep quite and pray that God forgives you..because you’re just attracting a curse on your generation..

Siyabonga Mandla

Siyabonga Mandla

Siyabonga Mandla

Carole Bridgeman

Simon Musa

We all need the word of God, thanks for this teaching.

Martin Kariuki

Semiasa,adduction ,so controlling, lust,appolion another demon responsible for poverty.azizi cases,amanda bat like abat,affects money affairs.catch fire ,never follow pplof God. amanda catch fire.

Martin Kariuki

Perisites have intimidated us for too long,may they perish by fire by force.

Cecilia Mulenga

I’ll always love you Dad!!!

Ntokozo Mugotsi Ntokozo Mugotsi

Merkha Indira Tirkey

Pray for me man of god l’ m from India

Davison Ngulube

Balaka Dumisani


i am sit and Relax. Thank you


Jesus free me from addiction

Alice Saviour

What a prophetic revelation thanks prophet May the heavenly God increase you

omoit henry

demons are trembling wherever they are cos of major one

Mgo Sab

You are right. He will give his angels charge over you. Psalm 91v11

Mgo Sab

I move to my Generals. I have to check on everyone.

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Ph. Major. Pls.we need the spelling of this demonic names.

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Thank you my Brother. I receive. Myself and son.

Benjamin Remmy

Benjamin Remmy

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

There are people as such. People like the three Generals.

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Mgo Sab

Psalm 91v11 For he will give his angels charge concerning you.

Mgo Sab

Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God.

Djenaba Djeny

My father my father, my mentor and my oracle.

Djenaba Djeny

ECG is my last bus stop in Jesus name Amen.

Tefera Kaleb

what awesome message personally I Believe that the spiritual realm is real than this physical world please upload part 2 we need to hear it

nono K

This is powerful papa…thank you

Rudo Mali

Кизлархон Шамсиева

Переводите пожалуйста на русский язык этот проповедь.

Gomolemo Mmutle

I will b teaching like u one day..of course like father like daughter..I love u papa-bush!!

General Tech Con Gentec

My papa. True gospel teacher, True prophet of God and highly anointed and loved by his daughters and sons. Greetings from ECG Okahandja Namibia

Gilbert Thesee

Why speaking about demons??

sal abra



take heed that nobody misleads you, said the boss.

Where is the new teaching?

Where are the false teachers?

Where are the false prophets?

Where is the war?

The war is here and there?

Right under our noses!

What is hidden in plain sight is hard to find!


Thanks man of God I learned something really great. God is good

Cosmas Bheura

Mabilo Mabilo

Deliver my son papa bcs they stay with her mother and is a which craft that demon must come out. In the mighty name of Jesus christ

Ndedi richard

I received papa prophet major 1

Souls Winning Ministry

What a powerful teaching major 1can you please teach us sir very interesting words of wisdom loving this teaching i must see part 2 you have to put out part too thanks alot blessings and greetings for you and your family in jesus name amen

Marilyn Hendricks

Yoh Pappa you talking to me today, it is happening!

Anand Raj

Please upload part-2…….!



Reeta Mable

wh a powerful revelation………………Luv u Major1

bella v

Heavenly Tamang

Elsa የጌታ

Prophetic channel Tv

i receive this annointing

Ishmael Moh

this guy is a false prophet. his suit is more expensive than Obama’s

Robert Maema

prophet sheperd bushiri is a real prophet of God

Lee Lee


when will this naive generation come to their senses?

when will they see this prophet for what he is?

when will they accept the fact this is not the kind of worship God wants?

where is the prayer?

where is the fasting?

where is the repentance?

does God really need humans to praise him?

can a prophet dish out blessings to anybody at random?

since when is a true prophet so wealthy, so boastful, acting as if the miracles done are don’t by their own hands?

since when is a true prophet popular by their generation?

let he who has senses read and judge this saying of Jesus:

Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.

Many simply say: we have seen or heard Miracles being performed by these prophets, which is why we believe in them?

ask yourselves: if the false didn’t perform miracles, then how could the trick and deceive anybody to follow them?


Good afternoon prophet,please try and visit portharcourt, Nigeria. I can organize a summit of Christians who believe in your commission and with your prayers the finance will come to me to finance the program. Man of God please come to us. +2348094921147.

Note: Angelic and demonic teaching 2 , is not on youtube,why? please that teaching need to come on air. Its not there,


This man is a solid man of God and if you criticize him then you becloud your destiny. For me I am tired of poverty and limitation. And I completely accept and take him as my mentor and father. I am under his radius.

promise gugu Sihlangu

please pray for me when i try to rise the devil pulls me down everthing my material gone missing i lost three different phone this year please pray for my family also we need JESUS CHRIST


please pray for me…i am attacked almost nightly…they hate hearing jesus’ name and try to choke me so i cant speak it


semiaza is the demon on all the starbucks cups

Zita Inambao

command in my life major 1

Zita Inambao

Kaleib Amanuel

Monica Nganjone

TO COME OVER TO CANADA. I also pray for finances , for me to go and see how he is doing and to try and get him help – especially spiritual counseling and deliverance. I am hoping to bring him back home. I am believing God the Almighty for finances and so shall it be when Papa prays for me,in Jesus’ name . THANK YOU PAPA!

Benti Chanyalew


soh cyrille

Bonolo Morake

Satan is the father of lies and so are his children. This man will not die but live to declare the good works of the Lord. What does Satan know about evil because that’s his nature… if this man was evil why would your Satan be concerned ? We overcame the devil by the blood of the lamp and by the word of our testimony. Jesus has the keys of the abyss we are just waiting to through Satan there.

Siphiwe Nokuthula

Oh how i love your teaching man of God. may the Lord use you more in his mighty way. i thank God for giving you to us.

Jesus is the Lord forever.

correction l want to say in Africa.

Jesus is the Lord forever.

ohhhhhh papa you Born for as we Americans prowdofyou and we love you so much l am from ETHIOPIA love you and oll ECG Church God bless you . Papa pls pry for my cantry Ethiopia l am leaving Canada in Calgary but my heart is in America.

Fatmata Sesay

You must be mentally deranged to say such about a man of God

Mercy Achieng

Please put on part two of this Teaching

John Armstrong


John Armstrong



-15, JOHN



Joseph Boachie

The enemy dislikes it when he is exposed….Go on major1…iyeeeeeeeeeeeee

Everest Richard

Edward Francis

Where can I find Part 2 of this teaching.

Enwe Ofia

christian religion is a death cult from middle east, like the other Abrahamic death cult, ‘islam’ they should all be wiped from human consciousness

Katlego Bombo

my father my father! power!!!!

Esteban Reyes

Where’s part 2? of this powerful teaching.

Rahab tw

Major 1 True man of God !!!! I love you so much bless you more and more

Mapula Beauty

man of GoD everything wn u tlk its true

Ignatius Fernandez

Be Careful of what you speak young man : why don’t you go and see if he is a fake or not !


A Face to Face Prophet | Miracle Crusades

Face to Face Prophet Like Unto Moses

A Man Whom the Lord Jesus Has Appeared to Face to Face

The life and Ministry of David E. Taylor is bringing the people into a face-to-face relationship with Jesus, causing them to meet him literally and physically on a personal level and in a real way. It was like it says about Moses in scripture…. “And Moses brought the people to meet with God” Exodus 19:17

He prizes and emphasizes the personal face-to-face relationship with Jesus and presence of God above ministry, which he began to experience at his conversion. Since 1989 from the time that he was 17 years old, he has been granted many face-to-face visitation appearances from Jesus Christ personally which is the touchstone and cornerstone of his special dynamic ministry. Through these visitations over the years, it was told him from the Lord that his main assignment from God was to America which has begun to manifest through the “Miracles in America Crusades” and the “Prophecy to America” conferences and mission.

The Lord also has chosen to grace David E. Taylor with the office of the dreamer with the unusual gift of dreams. This gives him the ability to interpret, translate and relay what the Lord is saying through dreams on a national and world class level to avert disasters and warn nations, their kings or presidents concerning future events that brings about deliverance, salvation and victory for whole continents. This is similar to the gift that the Lord gave Joseph to cause national deliverance, salvation and to preserve the destiny and welfare of a whole nation. Dreams and night visions have been used by God in his personal life and ministry as a prophet. Jesus has appeared to David on many different occasions and for different purposes, one of which is concerning America’s future and her preservation.

Graced to Be A Face to Face Friend and Prophet of the Lord Jesus Christ

Besides his unique ability to help people experience the Lord’s intense presence through worship during services, the ministry that the Lord Jesus has entrusted to David is a special face-to-face relationship and friendship with Jesus personally. The Glory manifested out of this friendship is what flows over to the people’s lives and brings them to meet with the Lord, just like it says about Moses’ life and ministry, “…and he brought the people to meet with God” Exodus 19:17.
Jesus told David that through His face-to-face covenant and friendship with him, that this would allow those who have never had a face-to-face appearance from Jesus in a dream or while awake to start experiencing Him in this way, for the purpose of deepening their intimacy with Him. These encounters have been documented and reported by many pastors and leaders and seen in the express testimonials of God’s people for years whom the Lord appeared to. Jesus told David that He would appear to those who came in contact with his ministry with divine face-to-face appearances from Himself not only once but on a consistent basis like He has done in David’s own life.
This has been one the greatest privileges in experiencing David E. Taylor’s ministry with Jesus. It has been confirmed by the testimonies of leaders in the Body of Christ (pastors and apostles who have 400 churches under their leadership), pastors, spiritual fathers and other five-fold ministry giftings along with multiple thousands of people (including youth) who have had face-to-face encounters with the Lord as a result. Men who have never seen Jesus along with leaders who already have experienced face-to-face visitations have noticed an increase in their personal visitations from the Lord Jesus in dreams and in the open broad day light.
The people who were experiencing these appearances in America ranged from his little children Joshua and Destiny (when they were seven and nine years of age) to the people in his multicultural staff, to the open appearance of the Lord in Washington State in the sight of three million people at one time over three whole regions in 2006. This appearance lasted for an entire hour and was captured by the secular media on television, in photographs and in print. This type or some similar manifestation happens where ever the Lord sends David. In whatever city or church David enters, he is accompanied by the special privilege of the Lord personally working with him.

David came from humble beginnings of Memphis, Tennessee born to his parents, James and Katie Taylor. Before and after his conversion he grew up at Mount Zion Baptist Church where the late C.J. Patterson, Jr. was pastor. He later moved to the ministry of the late G.E. Patterson, presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). Considered a son in his ministry, Bishop Patterson expressed his approval of David openly, by acknowledging him in various services. Sensing the call of God, David stepped out in obedience to the Lord into a worldwide ministry.
Today regions (where ever the Lord sends him) are experiencing the move of God. The ministry the Lord has given him was explained personally by Jesus in a face-to-face visitation in Heaven. He was told that his ministry was not just a spiritual gift or an anointing operating through his life but it is the glory of God and Jesus Himself, working on behalf of His people through his life and ministry. Lives have been changed, bodies healed and countless thousands saved through his ministry over a span of 18 years.
Humility and the meekness of Jesus, characterize David’s ability and character when serving the Lord. These two attributes are stressed and admonished along with living them.
He has been entrusted with the end-time message of the “The Kingdom,” “The Power,” and “The Glory” for this generation. During a face-to-face visitation appearance from the Lord in a dream, in his sleep, Jesus instructed him saying: “David, I am giving you the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven,” He continued saying, “whatever you bind on earth, I will personally back you up; and whatever you loose on earth, I will personally back you up.” This has been seen throughout the years of the Lord personally working with David, notably and appearing to others during his ministry in face-to-face visitation experiences.

Each aspect of the unusual special ministry that the Lord Jesus has given David E. Taylor is birthed out of this intimate face to face relationship as a result of the Lord appearing to him. The dynamic evangelistic miracles healing ministry that the Lord has given to Him has been graced by Jesus telling him in heaven in the year 2000, that He would personally come down on earth in every one of the miracle crusades that he holds and walk among and in the midst of the people in the glorified body that He rose from the dead in 2000 years ago. Jesus told him to encourage the people with these words that He Jesus their saviour and healer would come and touch them and heal them especially and specifically those who are bound by wheelchairs. This has been evidently seen by the phenomenal miracles that has taken place and happened to tens of thousands of people over the years. Jesus visited David and told him he had been ordained to be a healing shepard to america and the world. The term “healing shepard” had never been heard by him the way that the Lord said and articulated it in this phrase.

As a prophet he has been given the ability by the Lord to be what the bible terms to be a face to face prophet. Jesus told him in an appearance that like as unto Moses that he had a prophetic face to face ministry with Himself Jesus and God. Scripture bears this out in .. It says There arose not a prophet like unto Moses whom the LORD knew face to face and all the signs and wonders which God did by him.

In his apostolic call he is visited by Jesus on a regular basis concerning different pastors and the business of His Churches in face to face appearances during the night while he is sleep and when he is also awake.

His Appearance Blesses Pastor’s Ministry

The Lord Cares About His Pastors And Their Ministries

[view:slideshow_inpage_test3=block] The most amazing thing happened to me during this time after that the Lord had been working with me in this way personally. In 2004, I was scheduled to be at a pastor friend of mines church. At this time we had just meet, so we didn’t know each other very well. Before I would fly out to his church in Detroit on Saturday, I was invited to a Pastor Benny Hinn crusade on Thursday through Friday. I’ve always liked going to Pastor Benny Hinn’s crusades. The presence of the Lord is so thick and glorious there. As we were in Pastor Benny’s Friday morning miracle service, during the beautiful atmosphere of worship, Jesus appeared walking up to me in the physical realm. He then began talking to me saying, “I’m sending you to this pastor’s church for a special purpose, and to bring a release and breakthrough to his personal life, destiny and ministry.” Then He continued, “This will be the sign unto him that I have sent you.” (Before this time Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and I had never met face to face, by phone). Then Jesus went on to say, “He has two members, one named Tiffany and the other named Karen. These two have tumors in their bodies that are lying lie dormant and at a certain time they will spread all over their body, killing them in a short period of time. I am going to heal them.” Jesus said, “Mention this to him and he will know that I have sent you.”
After this Jesus disappeared walking away. When I flew in that next day on Saturday, I sat down with him in his beautiful mansion and shared with him everything Jesus told me about his members. He gave witness to this saying, that he did have two members by those names. The one named Karen he shared how he knew she had tumors but he did know about Tiffany. So I told him I would mention this to the church openly on Sunday what the Lord said to me and call for Karen and Tiffany to come up to the front. So I did, and Karen came forth but Tiffany wasn’t there this day. I told Karen what the Lord said, then prayed for her. Before the next service that was to take place within hours she passed 2 to 3 tumors out of her body. I didn’t find out until later that Karen had 30 pounds of tumors in her body and was off of work because of the effect of them in her body.


Prophetic Ministry Signs

By: Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being able to travel different parts of the world because of the ministry that we are in. One thing that always interested and fascinated me was that the road signs are pretty much the same everywhere you go.

I am not quite sure what I expected, but I guess maybe I expected that every country had its own road signs and rules.

In some places they do, but as a whole you will find that the road signs look pretty much the same. The stop sign for instance, I have seen it in so many different parts of the world and it looks pretty much the same – with the small difference of the language of course.

So when you are driving along you don’t have a problem recognizing that sign or knowing what it means. It doesn’t matter what country you go to, it’s always red and looks the same.

Prophets are the Same Worldwide

And so the prophet is the same as well. Perhaps you have had this strange idea that depending on where you go, a prophet looks a little different.

However, a prophet is pretty much like the stop sign. It looks the same, is arrogant and jumps up when you least expect it.

That’s why I think the stop sign is a pretty good picture of what a prophet is. Short of the language difference, they look the same all over the world.

That was probably also one of the most interesting things we discovered as we started training the prophets internationally. A prophet in Mexico looks the same as the prophet in the United States – he looks the same as the prophet who speaks German, French or Italian. So why is that?

It is because what makes a prophet is not based on what they do, the language they speak or clothes they wear, but rather the things that burn in them.

The Ten Signs of the Prophetic Calling

I would like to look at the ten signs of the prophetic calling very specifically in this teaching. I really want you to know those ten signs by heart. So memorize them – because as you start identifying those in your own life, you will be able to identify them in others also!

So, let’s define this stop sign. Let’s find out what it looks like. Let’s look at every angle and shape and by the end let’s see if you fit with it as we start putting it together.

1. The Prophet’s Ministry is to the Church

Perhaps this is obvious to you, but the Word says that the Lord set the fivefold ministry in the Church for edifying the body – for bringing the Bride to a place without spot and wrinkle.

Now, perhaps you have walked along and it seems that the only people you ever minister to are believers. Just when you think that you finally found an unbeliever to share with, it turns out that they are a backslider.

That is one of the first clear signs of the prophetic calling. Now, it might not seem like such a big sign to you. However, this sign also distinguishes the difference between the evangelistic and prophetic ministries.

You see, the evangelist will have an orientation towards the lost. They also minister to the Body of Christ, but a prophet specifically has an orientation towards the Body of Christ.

So say for example you see a minister standing up who is sharing the gospel. As he is sharing, he is receiving prophetic revelation. The sole purpose of this is tough to get the lost saved. The man is not a prophet but an evangelist.

This description at all should smash the belief of “because I get revelation I must be a prophet”. It is not at all like that. Do you know that each of the fivefold ministry functions in all of the gifts?

You see, it’s not the functioning in the gifts that defines you but how you function in them. We will look at that more as we go on.

So again, in the prophet, you will see a ministry orientation towards believers. The revelation God gives you, the impressions you receive, the dreams and visions and prophetic words you get will be towards believers.

When you see somebody standing up and prophesying to the unsaved, prophesying to the nations or getting revelation for the lost to bring them to salvation, you are not looking at a prophet but an evangelist.

Hopefully that sets a very clear picture in your mind. A prophet has a one hundred percent ministry orientation towards believers.

I have seen a bit of a trend lately. It seems that everybody is prophesying to the nations. Everybody is giving their big prophetic words to America, Europe, Germany and every other little place. You need to understand the difference between an Old Testament and a New Testament prophet more clearly.

So if you have looked at this trend and then felt that in this case you must not be a prophet, don’t get stressed out.

We will look at that more as we go on but that’s not the sign of a prophetic ministry. That’s just a sign of somebody that can flow a bit in the spiritual gifts but probably has more of an evangelistic orientation.

I hope that I am challenging you and I hope that I am smashing some pictures on my very first chapter in this book because there is more to come.

2. The Prophet has a Unique Approach!

This one is not a surprise. Perhaps this has been the story of your life. You have a way of seeing things that other people just don’t see. You are in a church meeting for instance and you are thinking, “Okay, is nobody else here noticing that there is just no anointing?!”

Perhaps you are one of those who think, “Why don’t we try something new? Why don’t we move all of the chairs out so that we can just worship and praise the Lord for hours instead of having that boring sermon…?”

Perhaps you have had some good ideas and perhaps sometimes not such good ones but all in all you have always had a very unique approach. A prophet comes up with new ideas and he has a way of seeing things the average believer doesn’t see.

It is because God has put an understanding and ability in you to discern and sense things that are not the norm. People might call you unique, strange or different. Unique is really just their “politically correct” way of saying that you are weird.

You have a weird way of doing and seeing things. Hallelujah, because that is your second sign of the prophetic calling!

3. Swinging the Pendulum

If you are a prophet this is you through and through. Have you ever seen a pendulum that swings from one end to the other? It swings up and down indefinitely. Well, that is the prophet for you.

Just look at good old Elijah. One day he wants to take on the king and all the prophets of Baal and then the next thing you know he wants to die and runs away into the desert because Jezebel is after him.

I think that really sums up the prophet right there. One day you say, “Yes, Lord. Send me. I will go and speak your word!” Then the Lord sends you and you speak the word but nobody receives it. Then you say, “Oh Lord, I want to die. Why did you call me to be a prophet?”

The next day you are on the other side of the pendulum again and suddenly all excited afresh to be His prophet. However, a few days later the cycle starts all over again.

That is called swinging the pendulum. Let me tell you, you are not alone. Every prophet does it!

However, it doesn’t mean that because you are a violent pendulum swinger, that the Lord will keep you there. Also, even though it is a very clear sign of the prophetic calling, as you mature in your calling and go up further into prophetic office, you will notice that the swinging will become a little less dramatic.

I will confess, I still have a few days when it is there, but it is definitely less dramatic. You know, everybody makes jokes about the flaky prophet. Let’s be honest here we can be a pretty flaky lot, but that doesn’t mean that God wants us to stay there.

So you are a pendulum swinger; you are flaky, wild and crazy. If you want to mature and lay a solid foundation in your prophetic calling though, you will need to move on from this.

For now though, seeing as though you are still at the beginning stages, we will say that the swinging is okay. I will calm you down later on but for now you can swing as wildly as you want!

4. The Prophet has a Magnetic Personality – he Attracts Humiliation like a Magnet

Everywhere he goes he has this horrible habit of putting his foot in it. This is a fantastic English expression – you are always putting your foot in it and saying things that you shouldn’t!

I said of myself once that I feel like I got my foot in my mouth more often than I have it on the floor. Every five minutes you are jumping in and saying things you really shouldn’t. Why is that? I think the pendulum swinging and the unique approach has something to do with that.

Not only do you have a way of seeing things that shouldn’t be but you have this terrible habit of opening up your big mouth and expressing these wonderful pearls of revelation that you expect everyone to respond to positively. However, they don’t, do they?

Instead they humiliate and tear you down. They stand behind the pulpit and preach against you until you want to crawl under your chair hoping for the ground to open up and swallow you.

This is the fourth sign of a prophetic call. You know what is fantastic about humiliation? It causes you to really rely on the Lord 100%. It really brings your flesh to a place where you don’t care what people think.

Not in a negative way, where you snatch at everybody and tell them how you don’t care what they think. No, I am talking about the kind of rest that you come to, like the Lord said to poor Jeremiah (nobody ever wants to be Jeremiah) “Jeremiah, I am sending you to a people that are not going to receive your word. They will treat you badly and they won’t listen to you!”

He still got up and went there because he knew the power of the Lord. He knew that this word burned in him so much. It burned in him more than his need for acceptance. What the Lord said burned in him more than what other people said.

If you could just use that humiliation you have experienced in your life to become stronger and more dependent on the Lord that sign of the prophetic calling would then become part of your foundation to shape you into a true prophet.

How you respond to humiliation, will depend on the kind of maturity you will have as a prophet. Will you allow them to speak at you and then get all upset, justify yourself and fight back or will you see it as a sign of your calling and realize that it is sent of God to shape you?

Will you be open to see that this is happening so that you can become more dependent on His word and more secure in Him than what other people have to say?

So next time you are humiliated and rejected, I want you to do the praise project! Say something like, “Thank you Lord! Not only is this once again a sign of my prophetic calling but it also has a purpose to make me into something very significant for your body!”

5. The Prophet has Singleness of Purpose

This is the prophet right down the line. This means that when they have a direction they will go down that direction regardless of what happens along the way. They have a very black and white kind of attitude. Either something is right or it is wrong.

There is no gray happening – you are either in sin or not. You are either walking in the flesh or you are not. You know you either did it right or you did it wrong. You were either anointed or you weren’t.

They either love something or they hate it. There is no in between for the prophet. They have a one hundred percent singleness of purpose attitude.

Once they know God’s word then that’s the direction they are taking and there is no other. When God spoke, God spoke and there is just no adding to it.

This has gotten you into trouble, hasn’t it? You opened your big mouth in the humiliation part and you said, “Well, that’s not what the Word says. No, that’s not right…!” Well, people haven’t taken too kindly to it.

I suspect this is why you are reading this book so that you can realize that there are other people who think like you! We understand each other here.

The prophet doesn’t see the need for a middle road! We are establishing a foundation for the Body of Christ here. We are issuing decrees that will uproot, build or tear down. You know, you don’t half tear down a building or half plant a seed. You either do it or don’t!

So, are you the kind of person that will do it and follow through from here on? If you do want to follow through then you fulfill this 5th sign.

And so I will pull on this sign right throughout this book to make sure you keep on track, okay?

6. Unconscious Revelation

The prophet has this ability to just sense things. Perhaps you haven’t even fully begun to flow in the gifts of the spirit yet, perhaps you have. However, if you think back on your Christian walk you realize that you just always sensed things. You would go into a place and just feel uncomfortable there. You were sensing a demonic presence there. You got revelation.

Perhaps someone was sharing their life story or something they are going through with you and you told them, “I feel that you just need to hang in there because the Lord is going to open a door for you over there.”

Perhaps this is so normal to you that you don’t even realize it. It is a clear sign of a prophetic call that you automatically have a consciousness of the spiritual realm. You get revelation and they just come out of your mouth. You have people say to you, “You know, I never thought of that before. Thank you for this good direction.”

In turn you actually wonder where that all came from. It’s a sign of the prophetic call. Already the Holy Spirit is stirring you up inside to be able to minister to others.

7. Allegorical Thinking

You likely already identified this in your childhood. You know there is one thing about us prophets – we love to be in the glory cloud; we love to worship and see visions. Perhaps you were one of those children that walked around in a fantasy world.

Perhaps your life was so tough when you were growing up that you preferred to put your nose in a book or go somewhere else to pretend that you were someone else… this is sign number seven of the prophetic calling.

The prophet has to think allegorically and see in pictures. This is because the Lord speaks in types and shadows. Even throughout the Old and the New Testament you will see how the Lord spoke in many ways and how he always spoke in types and shadows and pictures.

So prophets already have a natural ability for allegorical thinking. Perhaps this has gotten you into trouble. Perhaps at school you were so busy fantasizing about something, so busy imagining that you were somebody else that you ended up getting into trouble for not submitting your homework.

You know, it’s a sign of your prophetic call and instead of using that now to escape your problems in life you need to learn how to take that allegorical thinking and start to use it towards your prophetic calling. That’s the problem here – yes, this is a sign of the prophetic calling but you have to learn how to apply it properly!

That is why you are reading this book. It is good that you already like to fantasize and get into the realm of the spirit. It is great that you like to get into worship with the Lord. However, you can’t stay there 24 hours a day. There comes a time when you have to enter the real world and face real people.

The key here is to be able to take that allegorical thinking and those pictures and use them to minister to other people. It is fantastic! You know, what you thought was a hang-up and a problem, God will use to raise you up!

The only thing you need to do is to step out of your fantasy world a bit and to give some of what God has given you to others. It’s great to have the times with the Lord, feel His presence and receive the visions. Until you use this sign of the prophetic calling in your ministry though, you won’t start to edify the Body of Christ.

8. The Prophet has a Prayer Orientation

Let me let you in on a secret. If you walk into a local church, where will you find the prophet? I will have to be honest the first place you will find the prophet is likely behind the overhead projector. You know the poor guy that puts on the transparencies on the overhead machine? I know this is not scriptural at all but we had this joke amongst ourselves.

When we started our first prophetic school, all our students got together and they discussed the jobs they did in their church. It was shocking to realize that every single one had been the projectionist in the church and so we concluded that this must be sign number eleven of the prophetic call!

Seriously though, if you are looking for the prophet in the Church you are looking for the one who is either leading the intercessory group or at least somehow has a passion for intercession.

A prophet has a prayer orientation naturally! Perhaps prayer means something very different to you than it means to other people. You know prayer to you isn’t, “Lord please bless us today. Please don’t let the traffic be too bad. Lord please let my boss be happy…!”

No, that’s not really what I mean by prayer orientation. I mean the kind of orientation that when you get into His presence you go into the Throne Room and are seated there with Him; the kind of orientation where you are releasing, decreeing and praying on behalf of others; the kind of orientation where when somebody shares a problem you are the first to say, “Let’s go to the Lord about this!”

Now, it’s not to say that you know how to pray properly. That’s okay though because we have a whole book on that also, called Power Packed Prayer.

We will also deal with the higher levels of prophetic intercession later on but the point is that you have that orientation. Just because you have the orientation though, doesn’t mean that you are doing it properly.

Keep in mind that even though you have those desires and orientations within you, all the knowledge that you have taken in over the years, all the other examples you have had from other people, have built in this miss matched thing. It’s like taking all different kinds of play dough and pushing it together and then trying to make it in the shape of a man.

Sure, at the end it may look a bit like a man but he is all these blobs of different colors. You see, even though you have had those orientations, chances are that you have gone from person to person trying to look for the right picture. As a result you have gotten all these different pieces of play dough. You got a bright yellow one here and a red one there… Then you started to try and put this picture together.

You say, “Look, there you have it. It’s a man.”

However, to be honest, it’s not really a man – it’s just something that resembles the shape of it. So again, just because you have this prayer orientation, doesn’t mean that you are doing it correctly.

I am challenging you on this early because I want you to be open for what we will talk about in later chapters. Be open to pray differently! If you are a prophet you will love the challenge to go higher with the Lord and to pray more than you have so far; to pray with a greater authority than you ever have before.

This actually applies to every single one of the signs. Just because you have a singleness of purpose doesn’t mean that the direction you are heading in is correct.

Just because you are thinking allegorically doesn’t mean that all the pictures and allegories you get are based on the Word of God.

So realize that God has put the potential for power inside of you, but what you need is the teaching and training to take that potential and put it in the right direction.

9. Bringing the Presence of God through Music!

This is a sign that I find some can identify with right away, but some only grow into it later.

It’s amazing to see how often when somebody in a church service stands up to lead the worship and you feel that sweet presence of Jesus. You know that nice feeling that you get when you have had a tough day and then walk into the meeting and it’s like a breath of fresh air. You just feel the Lord right there and you feel like you can let go!

I guarantee that person has a prophetic ministry. The prophet has a unique ability to release the anointing through music. So if you personally have had the desire to flow in music but haven’t taken advantage of this sign of the prophetic calling yet then I really encourage you to be open to enter into this new level.

Could you imagine if in the churches we had the prophets leading the praise and worship? Just like it was in the times of the tabernacle of David when they would praise and worship the Lord. Unfortunately it is not so! It makes me angry because I see the pretty boys and the talented ones put up there who have a skill and look good… those are the ones who are being put in charge of the praise and worship in church, right?

Imagine for a moment that they would put the prophets in charge of the praise and worship in church. You know what we would experience? Maybe not a hundred percent professionalism, but it would be a hundred percent power and anointing!

As a prophet, you have that ability. It’s one of the signs of the calling. If you haven’t fully developed it, by the end of your prophetic studies here at AMI, you would have developed it and you would have discovered a whole new realm there. You will discover it and realize that there is nothing more exciting than coming into His presence and releasing the anointing and seeing it touch the hearts of others.

Perhaps you have a bit of this sign now already, perhaps you don’t. The point is that you will bring the presence of God through music.

10. The Prophet has had Tough Experiences in Life

I had some folks come along and say, “That’s it! I’m a prophet because I can identify with sign number ten!”

Well, there is a reason why it is sign number ten… Hopefully you can identify with a bunch of the others first! If you only have sign number ten, then maybe you are just a looser with no prophetic call! BUT… if you have the other signs then praise the Lord because you are not just a loser!

No, you are a loser with a prophetic call. Don’t worry we will do something about that and make you into something magnificent. Let’s be honest though, us prophets have done and said our fair share of things that people have been upset by. We have ruffled some feathers and the Lord knows sometimes it was really justified but most times it probably wasn’t.

As a result we have had some tough experiences in life. Also, when the enemy sees that a prophet is coming into the world then he knows something about you before you know it and so he unleashes all the demons in hell on you.

So you will come to realize that a prophet grew up having had tough experiences in life to the point where they thought that it was normal to struggle for everything and thought it was normal to be rejected all the time; to always be the one on the outside looking in and to have really difficult situations in life.

I realized even in working with the prophets through the years how many of them have suffered abuse. I mean real physical abuse, sexual abuse. It’s terrible to see the extent the enemy has gone through to tear down.

However, you know what sets the prophet apart? It’s not just the tough experiences in life, but what he did with those experiences! He didn’t allow them to get him down, he didn’t allow them to stay and he also didn’t wallow in self-pity. No, he pushed through those tough experiences and said, “Lord, use me!”

That really is what sets you apart. These signs are a clear indication of your calling, but that passion that is inside of you that says, “Yeah, I have faced the humiliation and said things that I shouldn’t, I have had tough experiences and succeeded and failed, but it doesn’t matter!” is what sets you apart.

No matter what, this fire that burns inside of. As you have made that commitment he has worked on you. Sure, some of the experiences you have had after making this commitment were the enemy again trying to discourage and tear you down. He whispers his lies into your ears and tells you that you are a loser and an unpopular little black sheep sitting all alone there in the corner… who will ever listen to you?

I tell you who will listen to you – the Lord! He will put His words in your mouth and you will stand out there and all those signs that you thought were negative in your life will become as diamonds in your life. You will realize that this is what defines you as a prophet.

So stop regretting the tough times you have had in life. Stop regretting the mistakes you have made. Stop feeling sorry for yourself because of the humiliation, because these define your calling. Can’t you get excited about that?

When you can say, “Hang on a minute… Sure some of it has not been easy but if I can push through, make a commitment, take that singleness of purpose and set it in the right direction I will rise up!”

You will be proud! You will be just like Apostle Paul who said, “I boast in what God has given me. Not in my weaknesses but Hoist strength in me is what I boast in!”

You will come to boast in a positive way. You will be able to say, “Sure, perhaps I have a bit of a unique approach. Perhaps I don’t feel like going out with all the other evangelists on the street corner and rather stay at home and have a prayer time. Perhaps I want to just minister to one person and let them know that the Lord Jesus loves them…”

You know what, that’s what makes you special and sets you apart. That’s what’s put you right here. Be proud of what God has put into you. Let it define who you are as a prophet and once you have that picture you can move on to greatness, a clearer picture and into a position of leadership.

However, you can’t go forward until you come to a place of accepting what you have right now. Take a good, honest look at yourself. Look at the good and bad things. When you are prepared to do that, the Holy Spirit can then form a picture of what He wants to do in you and where He wants to take you.

Conclusion – What if They Don’t all Apply to Me?

Perhaps you go through these signs and you can’t identify all of them. Then just stop trying to be something you are not. Just because you are not an allegorical thinker or you don’t release the anointing through praise and worship doesn’t mean that you are not a prophet. It could just be that you have a spiritual blockage. It could just be that you need the right key in the right place to turn for all that revelation and anointing to come flooding out.

So what will it be? Will you look at all these signs and say, “Oh yeah, it’s been really tough for me,” or are you will you say, “Yes, that’s exactly it! I went through the teaching and even worked through Apostle Les’ testimony and that was me! Hallelujah!”

Now that you know that you are a prophet, and you can see signs we can move on!

I teach extensively on this subject in our prophetic school, but I hope that this has already given you a clear picture of the prophet and what burns in them!

If nothing else was clarified I pray that you saw that your difference is actually unique and also matches with all the other prophets out there. A stop sign doesn’t look like any of the other sign. It’s bright red, it’s strange looking and it doesn’t match any of the other road signs out there.

However, when you put a bunch of stop signs together, they all look the same. So perhaps even though you are unique and you perhaps feel like you are the only one in the world where you are, I promise that you are not! You have been planted there for a very clear purpose and reason!